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What is the IFEC all about?

The Institute for Ethical Consulting aims to ensure the highest levels of ethics, integrity and service in, and to advance the reputation and scale of, the Consulting Industry by providing our Members with genuine added-value and utility. Membership is reserved for Consultants whose work-ethic and moral-compass exemplify our motto: "Excellence, integrity and empowerment". The application process is exhaustive and can be lengthy, but the rewards are truly worthwhile. If you wish to apply to become a Fellow of the Institute for Ethical Consulting begin by downloading our Application Form.

Stand out from the crowd

Membership in the IFEC provides numerous benefits that you will experience immediately. Here's just a few of them:

Use of the IFEC logo
The distinctive IFEC tri-check chevron logo™ placed on your advertisements, business cards, stationery, email, or wherever you choose to place it1, assures your prospective clients that you are accredited to the highest standards of integrity and competence. Ongoing advertising by the IFEC will ensure that the widest possible range of prospective clients will recognize the logo.
1Some restrictions on the usage of the IFEC logo apply.

Certified Integrity
All IFEC members have undergone extensive background checks including criminal history checks, credit-history checks and extensive reference/qualification checking2. This gives IFEC Members a distinct competitive advantage in the market-place, as those who employ Consultants generally have strict time and budget limitations on their projects that prevent them undertaking extensive background checking themselves. They can be assured that hiring an IFEC Member gives them an expert with certified integrity and expertise, without any loss of time or erosion to their project-budget. No personal details will ever be provided to prospective employers/contractors (unless you authorise it, in writing) other than to confirm your membership, if required.
2All personal information is held in confidence and will never be made availabe to any third party. See our Privacy Policy.

Ethical Standards
The IFEC Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards required of IFEC members, who are contractually obligated to abide by the Code. This gives IFEC Members an additional competitive edge, in that employers are aware of the ethical standards required of IFEC Members and are afforded a mechanism to ensure these standards are met. The Code is enforced by the IFEC Ethics Committee, which is a panel elected by IFEC Members. The Ethics Committee is not only responsible for the enforcement of the Code, but also for reviewing and recommending changes to the Code and for providing advice to Members on interpreting the Code. This ensures that the Code and its enforcement are representative of the real-world practices of Consultants, and overseen by elected peers. It also provides a valuable and impartial mechanism to redress any disputes that may arise, and in so doing can prevent needless loss of future business.

Dispute Mediation
The IFEC provides a free Mediation Service, should any disputes arise between the Contractor and the IFEC Member. This service is provided at no cost to members or their employer. This service will be undertaken by the Ethics Committee, who are empowered under the Code to impose remedies, including the authorisation of immediate compensation to aggrieved clients of up to AUD$2,000, should this be necessary and warranted3.
3This will only be authorised in extreme circumstances, and the member will only be responsible for the first AUD$1,000.

Support Network
Through our member-only web resources, and through our regular networking functions, every IFEC member has access to the advice and support of other IFEC members- giving them the unrivalled benefits of access to cross-discipline expertise unavailable to non-members. This not only assists in completing contracts where you need additional expertise, but provides extensive networking opportunities not otherwise available including the ability to collaborate and tender for contracts otherwise unavailable to either member alone.

Promote Your Business
Prospective clients can find your listing for free on the IFEC web site. The directory is searchable by field of expertise, location, or name. This facility is advertised regularly in major newspapers/magazines to ensure that a steady stream of prospects sees your listing, and can contact you directly to discuss their needs.

Get new clients
As a Member, you can browse the members-only section of the IFEC web site for Consulting Briefs/Tender Opportunities posted, at no charge, by employers and you can contact prospective clients either directly or via a referral from the IFEC Administrative team (according to the employer's preference). This is designed to provide easier access to prospective contracts in order to smooth out the feast-or-famine nature of consulting. Regular IFEC advertising reaches many prospective employers to ensure awareness of this valuable free service. Regular cold-calling by IFEC Administrative Staff is designed to secure additional prospects in a range of fields, which all adds up to several new prospects for IFEC MEmbers. Its like having your own sales team.

Networking Opportunities
The IFEC provides various networking opportunities, from getting help via our Member's Only on-line Message Boards to chatrooms to collaborating with other members on a job that requires their special expertise. We also host a variety of Networking breakfasts, lunches and dinners at regular intervals in different cities where you can meet other members and potentially form fruitful business relationships. Most of the Networking meetings have a guest speaker of interest to our members.

Members-Only Access
Access to the members-only area of the IFEC web-site for a range of exclusive member benefits.

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Cash Rewards
It's in the interests of all of our members to introduce new high-calibre Consultants into the IFEC: improved networking opportunities; more access to cross-discipline expertise; increased negotiating power; furtherance of the IFEC mission and so forth. In recognition of the premium we place on inducting new Members into the IFEC we will reward you AUD$1,000 for each new candidate you introduce who proceeds to Membership status. Simply ensure that they provide your membership details on their application form so we can identify you as the referree. Over the course of a year this could become a substantial amount for doing nothing more than answering questions about your exclusive Membership Lapel Pin.

Future Benefits

The IFEC is a new and dynamic organization dedicated to advancing the huge and expanding Consulting sector, and is working to develop new products, partnerships and benefits for our members. At present this includes:

-Negotiating substantial discounts for members on all of their business insurance needs;

-Negotiating discounted legal fees;

-Negotiating discounts to accredited MBA and other courses;

-Developing a mentoring program;

-Developing an Internship Program;

-Developing Professional Development Courses for the Consulting sector.
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