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The mission of the Institute for Ethical Consulting Pty Ltd is 'to ensure the highest standards of ethics, integrity and service in, and to advance the image and reputation of, the consulting sector', and this is reflected in our motto: 'Excellence, integrity & empowerment' (which are represented by the three 'ticks' in our logo. In order to help fulfil our mission we offer a free service to assist with hiring a consultant, in order to remove as much of the stress and guess-work from the process as possible. We'll ensure that you hire a quality-assured consultant who abides by a Code of Ethics. We'll also help arbitrate any disputes free of charge to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Under the 'Hire A Consultant' menu-item (at the top of every page of this web-site) are listed a number of free resources (including this page) to help you hire a consultant. These include:
  • help with choosing a consultant;
  • a list of IFEC Quality-Assured Consultants (searchable by name, field of specialization or location);
  • a 'how to' guide to help with writing a consulting brief;
  • a Consulting Contract template;
  • a dispute mediation service; and
  • tips for ensuring your project stays on track.

Under the 'Ethics' menu-item (at the top of every page of this web-site) you will find:
  • details of our Code of Ethics, which governs all members of the Institute for Ethical ConsultingP/L;
  • information on our Ethics Committee; and
  • a form for reporting any Ethics Violations.

Naturally, many of our services apply only when hiring conultants from amongst our Membership.


When you post a Brief with the Institute for Ethical Consulting we will list it (free of charge) in the exclusive Members Only section of our web site until the expiration date for tenders is reached.

Our Members will review the listings and submit tenders directly to you. You may receive multiple tenders through this competitive process.

You are, of course, still free to advertise your Brief anywhere else you see fit. But remember that only tenders from IFEC Quality Assured Consultants give you a variety of value-added benefits at no cost to you.

Posting a Consulting Brief with the Institute for Ethical Consulting is as easy as 1,2,3:
  1. Prepare your Consulting Brief (Refer to our free step-by-step guide, if you need help);
  2. Ensure the Brief is in Word (.doc, .docx) or Acrobat (.pdf) format;
  3. Email the completed Brief to i.hruszecky@ifec.biz with 'Consulting Brief' as the Subject Line.
Its as easy as that.

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